Minis from the Kingdom Hearts series are mini-Darksides. They are known to make squealing noises, unlike their silent predecessors.

Mini-Darksides have all-black, mostly humanoid bodies, with skinny little legs and a giant, heart-shaped hole going all the way through their chest. Their head is hidden in a mass of tentacles, with two glowing yellow eyes visible through the tangle.

Canon OriginEdit

Darksides are a variety of Pureblood Heartless; Pureblood means they are naturally formed after someone loses their hearts to their own moral darkness, rather than the Emblem Heartless, which are created artificially. Darksides have appeared in every KH title so far.

The Darkside most relevant to the plot is the one that consumed the heart of the Destiny Islands world. It had been drawn to the island by the darkness in Riku's heart. Sora was unable to stop it at that time, but later defeated it in the remains of Destiny Island he found in the Realm of Darkness. Riku eventually fought a memory-constructed copy of this Darkside, facing the mistakes he had made and taking another step towards conquering the darkness in his heart.


  • Kaira
  • Orgnaization Robe
  • Saix
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