Minis from the Kid Icarus continuum appear as mini-Monoeyes. They are round, red-orange creatures with tentacles dangling from their undersides and bodies dominated by a single huge eye. Normal Monoeyes are the size of a person and have blue eyes, but mini-Monoeyes are the size of soccer balls and have eyes colored like those of the character whose name was misspelled.

Canon Origin Edit

Monoeyes (モノアイ Monoai) are among Medusa's basic facial-feature flying soldiers that often attack in groups. They are some of the most recognizable enemies in the Kid Icarus series, and have appeared in both the original game and in Kid Icarus: Uprising. In the latter game, they first appear in Chapter 1 and are the first enemies to appear.

As its name implies, this creature is well-known for its massive single eye that gives it almost telescopic vision. This trait allows a Monoeye to find its targets very easily from the sky, giving it the opportunity to attack unexpectedly and in full force with many others of its kind. This monster also has numerous tentacles that help it to fly through the air quickly and efficiently. Like many Underworld enemies, the Monoeye can shoot plasma energy from its eye as a projectile attack. When using this ability, its normally blue or red pupil will glow bright orange.

It appears that the Monoeye possess some form of telekinetic powers, as evident by the promotional short, Thanatos Rising. Here, they are seen maneuvering large horse-like siege equipment without actually having any physical contact with the gears or controls. A purple glow that surrounds their eye also suggests this telekinetic ability.

Two Monoeyes are required to form a much larger monster known as a Monomiknose, along with a Mik (like a Monoeye, but with a mouth instead of an eye) and Specknose (a huge, bomb-sneezing nose).

Minis Edit

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