The minis found in Indiana Jones fanfiction are mini-Boulders. They are round, soccer-ball-sized stones with their names carved into them. The type of rock they are made of depends on their name. They also seem to roll after agents and often show up at the exact moment when someone is likely to trip over them, but can also be used as weapons when thrown.

Canon Origin Edit

The boulder trap is one of the most iconic scenes of Raiders of the Lost Ark, showing up at the beginning of the film when Indiana Jones attempts to steal an idol from a temple in Peru. Director Steven Spielberg came up with Jones being chased by a boulder, which was inspired by Carl Barks' Uncle Scrooge comic "The Seven Cities of Cibola." During production, a fiberglass boulder 22 feet (7 m) in diameter was made for the famous scene; Spielberg was so impressed by production designer Norman Reynolds' realization of his idea that he gave the boulder a more prominent role in the film and told Reynolds to let the boulder roll another 50 feet (15 m).

Minis Edit

Character Minis Edit

Henry Jones, Sr.
  • dr. jones
  • dr. jonws
  • dr. jonessaid
Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr.
  • idie’s
  • idny
  • in dania
  • indana jone
  • Indania (adopted by Boarder SkarmorySilver)
  • indjyu
  • indy
  • jobens
  • junier
  • ndiana jones
Mutt Williams
  • mutt
Short Round
  • shit ruond (coprolite, smells bad, adopted by Ari)
  • short round
  • short ROUND

Item Minis Edit

Crystal Skull
  • crystal skoal
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