Minis from Hogan's Heroes look like headgear (hats or helmets) with legs. It's not clear how they eat or speak, but they are capable of doing both. These minis have not been named (yet). They were first documented in "Hogan's Match" by IndeMaat.

A character mini takes its form from the headgear normally worn by the canon character. A LeBeau mini, for example, would look like a beret on legs.

Character Minis - AlliedEdit

Corporal Louis LeBeauEdit

  • Lebeau
  • Lebaeu

Sergeant Andrew CarterEdit

  • Andrew Cater

Character Minis - GermanEdit

Sergeant Hans SchultzEdit

  • Shultz (adopted)
  • Shultzy

Colonel Wilhelm KlinkEdit

  • Komadant
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