Minis created in the Haloverse are mini-Hunters (or mini-Mgalekgolo to distinguish them from Dead Space mini-Hunters). They have squishy, orange bodies mostly covered in blue armor, with spiky tendrils sticking out of their backs. They wield an extremely tough metal shield on their left arm and a weakened version of the assault cannon on the right arm.

Canon OriginEdit

Mgalekgolo, or Hunters (Ophis congregatio) are the largest and strongest soldiers in the Covenant army, sometimes reaching thirteen feet. They wear armor and wield a heavy shield that can deflect bullets. This is designed to keep the soft, squishy worms, the Lekgolo, inside and unharmed. Lekgolo form a hive intelligence when they bond together into the Mgalekgolo form.

Mgalekgolo fight using an assault cannon mounted into the right arm of their armor. This cannon fires radioactive fuel rods, either directly or by spraying radiation. They nearly always fight in pairs, with one Hunter going into a blind rage if its "bond brother" is killed. Mgalekgolo fought on both sides of the Covenant Civil War.


  • Katie
  • Lindia
  • scorpion
  • targits
  • Jagger (found in canon novel The Fall of Reach)
  • Librae 23 (found in canon novel The Cole Protocol)
  • Kilo (found in canon short story "Dirt")
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