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The minis of Good Omens are mini-Hellhounds. They shouldn't be confused with the minis from Supernatural, which are mini-hellhounds. A variation of the mini-Hellhound is the mini-Hellpuppy, a smaller version of the mini caused by inappropriate nicknames.

Both mini-Hellhounds and mini-Hellpuppies serve as bodyguards to the faculty at the Good Omens Fanfiction Summer School (and also keep male students out of the girls' dorms and vice versa). Miss Kali maintains the kennels where the minis are kept.

Although mini-Hellhounds and mini-Hellpuppies are both minis, mini-Hellpuppies are tiny, even compared to the mini-Hellhounds. At GOOFSS, both types are almost always snarling, but this is probably due to the presence of so many fanbrats.

Canon Origin[]

For the destined Antichrist Adam Young, Hell created a Hellhound: huge, black-furred, and vicious, more beast than canine. After hearing the young Antichrist's desire for an ideal pet, the Hellhound changed form into a small mutt with one turned-out ear. The new form is friendly and playful. Its name is Dog.



Created by standard misspellings.

  • Aziraphaleanother
  • Azirphale


Created by stupid nicknames.

  • Azi (serving at GOOFSS)
  • 'Zira
  • Crow (adopted by Agent Foxglove)
  • Net (adopted by Agent Laburnum)