Not to be confused with Mini/Narnia or Mini/Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Currently, only one Fire Emblem title has minis associated with it: Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken/Blazing Sword. The minis here are mini-dragons, and were first created for the Official Fanfiction University of Rekka no Ken.

Mini dragons are quadrupeds. Although none of the surviving text of OFURNK explicitly describe them as flying, the original dragon from Rekka no Ken had wings of flame, and some fanart depicts them as winged and/or flying, so it is very likely that they can fly. Although not capable of normal speech, mini-dragons can communicate with the draconic races of Rekka no Ken (at the least).

OFURNK featured a mini-dragon relaxation centre for the minis to unwind in, featuring a hot tub (the staff had their own). The mini-dragons of OFURNK enjoyed stealing illicit objects from the students, which they compiled in a "trophy room" of sorts in the staff section. Due to one student misspelling OFURNK's name, an entire, new castle was created, which came to be used as the Official Mini-Dragon University of Rekka no Ken, where the minis were trained into even better harassers of students.


"Yes, the minis seem to be quite enthusiastic about bringing back whatever bits and pieces they can. One of our first items was a mostly-intact drawing of a half-naked Eliwood, bagged by Lucias."

Canon OriginEdit

The Fire Emblem series has contained a handful of actual dragons, as well as races such as the mamkutes/manaketes, which are humanoids with dragon blood. Mini-dragons are specifically designed after the Fire Dragon, one of three dragons the Dark Druid Nergal summoned from the Dragon Gate, and the one which the player's party fights.

Other games in the series may use their own dragon-related species as minis, but this is just speculation until some minis from other Fire Emblem titles are discovered.


  • Elliwood (adopted by OFU author Vyctori)
  • Foira (adopted by guest PPCer Traek)
  • Irk (adopted by Boarder Echo Kazul)
  • Keny (adopted by Agent Echo Kazul)
  • Lowwen (adopted by Agent Kat Daydream)


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