Minis from Epic Mickey are mini-Spatters.

Mini-Spatters are bipedal blobs of sentient Thinner and Paint mixed together, with stunted feet, big hands and a big face occupying most of their torso. They have sharp teeth, big, expressive eyes and little round ears. They are very loyal to any agent they have adopted, typically acting like Spatters that Mickey turned to his side with Paint in the game. Mini-Spatters come in two color varieties. One is blue with yellow Paint splashed on its forehead, and the other is red with a blue splash.

Like their creature of origin, mini-Spatters like to dress up in a costume befitting their surroundings. Initially, they may dress like the Spatters in the area that the misspelling occurred (or the area they are a misspelling of, perhaps), but can change later on, depending on who adopts them and what department they inhabit.

Canon OriginEdit

Spatters are the most common form of Blotling in the games. Blotlings are the minions of the Shadow Blot, made from the same materials as the monster itself, and were spread throughout the Cartoon Wasteland to attack its inhabitants.

Mickey can generally stop the Spatters in two ways. Spraying them with Thinner will melt them and destroy them. Spraying them with Paint will turn them into allies, causing them to attack other enemies in the area. If the recruited Spatters get hit too much, the Paint will be knocked off and they will return to attacking Mickey.

Mini-Spatters have color schemes that didn't occur in the games. Their colors are taken from unused concept artwork that never made it into the final product, just like many of the characters that inhabit the Cartoon Wasteland.


  • Bolt (adopted by Nursery kids Mollie and Ollie)
  • sweepers (adopted by Boarder Outhra)
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