Minis from Doctor Who and Torchwood are mini-Reapers. Mini-Reapers from Torchwood are distinguished from Doctor Who mini-Reapers by being unable to fly in a straight line, due to the former being a spinoff series of the latter. The defining characteristic, if any, of mini-Reapers from other Doctor Who spinoffs is as of yet unknown.

Mini-Reapers are winged, serpentine reptilians with brown scales. Their head is somewhere between a lizard's and a bird's, but they have another mouth on their stomach, surrounded by four preying mantis-style arms. their tail ends in a scythe-like blade.

Canon OriginEdit

Reapers were the monster-of-the-week in New Who episode Father's Day. They live in the Time Vortex, but emerge to eliminate temporal paradoxes, to consume the inhabitants of a doomed timeline with the mouth on their torso. They have a golden glow when attacking. Although they appear out of thin air, they seem to have difficulty passing through solid objects, especially older objects with high temporal stability.

When the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler went back in time, Rose rescued her father from the car accident that had killed him in her past. Reapers arrived and began attacking everyone nearby, even devouring the Doctor. Rose's father threw himself in front of a car to end the damage to the time stream, restoring the Reapers' victims and erasing the memory of them.

The Reapers are never actually named in canon; the fan name is taken from the script of Father's Day, which originally called for humanoid grim reaper-style beings.


Doctor Who MinisEdit

The "regular" kind.

Torchwood MinisEdit

The kind that flies in circles.

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