A mini-Eldrak is formed by a misspelled name from The Belgariad and Malloreon (and prequel novels) by David Eddings. The plural form is "mini-Eldrakyn." They were first identified in the Belgariad OFU. For the record, those capital letters are not typos; canon capitalizes the names of all the nonhuman races.

In canon, the Eldrakyn are one of the monstrous creations driven mad when Torak cracked the world. This may be why mini-Eldrakyn have such a low opinion of badfic.

Eldrakyn are bear-sized sentients, with shaggy black fur and tusks jutting from a protruding jaw. They are extremely tough; Grul (a canon Eldrak) survived disemboweling. They can comprehend human speech, and Grul was even able to speak the common human language (poorly, due to jaw shape). Mini-Eldrakyn are roughly cat-sized, and are just as intelligent as their larger cousins. They are not known to speak any human language, but understand English, and speak Mini.

Mini-Eldrakyn, like the full-sized ones, are carnivores. They often develop a taste for Sue, but any meat will do. They get along well with mini-Balrogs.

For some reason, mini-Eldrakyn love to gamble. They almost always have cards or dice available.


  • C'nedra
  • Dras Bullneck
  • Garions
  • Barrack (adopted by Lynn Gillies)
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