Minis in Batman-centric offshoots of the DC Universe appear as mini-Bat-Mites. These creatures appear as hovering, buck-toothed humanoids wearing a modified version of Batman's superhero outfit. Mini-Bat-Mites are capable of complete and intelligent speech, unlike most minis, but they all believe themselves to be the original Bat-Mite.

Canon OriginEdit

Bat-Mite is an imp from the fifth dimension, one of a race of creatures who has followed the adventures of superheroes from afar. After growing particularly attached to Batman, Bat-Mite crafted a version of the Caped Crusader's costume and traveled to Batman's universe so that he could better observe his idol. The incredibly advanced technology of his species made Bat-Mite almost omnipotent in Batman's dimension, and this, combined with Bat-Mite's constant desire to prove himself to Batman, has led to a number of problems for them both. A mini-Bat-Mite has only a small portion of this power, which it can use to move objects and alter its physical appearance.


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