There are two separate canons in the A-Team continuum. The movie canon does not officially have a mini type yet, but the television canon does.

The minis from the TV show are called mini-Deckers, though they take the form of whichever character has been misspelled while still wearing Colonel Decker's military fatigues.[1] They are speech-capable, and tend to retain some of their namesake's personality. Minis created through failure to capitalize letters in a name are shorter than the others, only about eight inches tall.[2] Mini-deckers have their own playpen in HQ, where Trent takes care of them.[3]

A mini from the A-Team movie has been suggested as a mini-Lynch on the Board, but this is not official yet.[source, please!] The decision lies with the first to discover minis in a movieverse mission.

Canon OriginEdit

"Hurry up! Get after him! The one who catches him keeps his rank!"

Colonel Roderick Decker was the longest-running villain on the A-Team television series, appearing from seasons two through four (and a guest appearance during season five). He came closer to capturing the A-Team—and more frequently—than any other enemy they faced.

Hannibal and Decker knew each other from the Vietnam War, where Hannibal had confronted Decker for blowing up enemy hospitals. In the present, Decker's military career had stalled due to bureaucracy, and the capture of the A-Team was his ticket back into the good graces of the U.S. Army.

Minis Edit

Bosco Albert "B.A." Baracus
  • BA
  • Boscko "BA" Barackus
Hunt Stockwell
  • stockwell (short mini)
John "Hannibal" Smith
  • Hanibal
  • Cannibal (bites!)
Templeton "Faceman" Peck
  • face (short mini)

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