The minis from 1984 are called mini-telescreens. They are blank, glassy screens with short stubby, legs. They somehow eat, and they like candy. Only two mini-telescreens have been discovered so far.

Canon OriginEdit

The telescreens are used by the oppressive Inner Party government of Oceania as a tool to remain in power. The telescreens have two functions. Firstly, they are used for spreading propaganda, including messages of nationalistic pride and hateful slanders against the other two countries that Oceania is at war with. Due to the presence of telescreens in every public building, Oceania's population is constantly being exposed to these messages, at least subconsciously.

The second, and more directly sinister purpose of the telescreens is as recording devices. Not only are they displaying a video, but they are also taking a visual and audial recording of whatever is near them. Any less-than-subservient behavior seen through the telescreens leads to disappearances in the night. While Proles (the commoners in Oceania) are considered too unimportant to be spied on constantly, members of the Inner Party and Outer Party are obligated to have telescreens even in their own homes. O'Brien, an Inner Party member, claims to be able to shut off his telescreen for a short time, but this was probably part of the lie to trap Winston Smith.

Mini-telescreens apparently monitor their adoptive agents, but have much more beneficent aims in doing so.[1]


  • Winston the Ministry of love (adopted by Agents Orken 7861 and Thomas Greenwall; nicknamed Witmol)
  • Victory square (Roaming HQ; whereabouts unknown)


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