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A mini-Sue is created when a Suethor misspells the name of their own Mary Sue. Mini-Sues tend to be small, annoying versions of the Sue, though on some occasions they may manifest as pink, glittery versions of their continuum's mini. Like most minis, they are less dangerous than the full version, but can still cause a great deal of trouble. Agents generally kill them whenever they are encountered, though Phi Six has taken custody of two Borg mini-Stus for experimentation and language training.

A mini-Sue can regenerate if the same misspelling is used again, and may have some memory of its previous existence.

Ebony of "My Immortal" has spawned an entire army of mini-Sues, as well as the first possible case of a mini-Suethor.

They should certainly not be confused with mini-Suus, which are minis from the Monster Musume continuum.

Mini-Sues Encountered in PPC Missions[]