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Agent Milask is an anthropomorphic cat-person in the Department of Bad Slash. He was written by Boarder!Leto Haven.

Milask resembles the Cat from Red Dwarf, although he is actually from the Rifts universe. His partner was (or is) Agent Dee.

He is friends with the proprietor of the General Store, Leto Haven. He was helping Leto instal a new portal stabilizer in the General Store when the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion hit, and they didn't hear about it until it was too late to help. He attended the 2009 Memorial Party to honor the fallen.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Dee and Milask in the Lost Tales archive.

Partnered with Dee[]

  • "Apologies and Past Mistakes" (Harry Potter)
    • The first assignment, a Harry/Voldemort story, introduces the two agents to each other. And mid-assignment, the agents find themselves out of Bleeprin, oh the horror!
  • "By Those He Trusted" (Harry Potter), with Agent Taboo (DBS - Mpreg)
    • The agents find themselves teamed up with Agent Taboo of the Mpreg Subdepartment to battle the horror that is Mpreg. Lots of Bleeprin and looks of disgust ensue.
  • "Son of..." (Lord of the Rings), Dee with Agent Alec Troven (DI)
    • Faced with a LotR slash story, Milask ends up MIA, leaving Dee to deal with the mission. She receives help from Agent Alec of Improbabilities.

Other Appearances[]