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Milano Cricket is a PPC agent in the Department of Mary Sues, Harry Potter Division. She associates with Agent Ekwy Fields and ex-intern Nea Forrest.

Agent Profile[]


Except Mary Sues, what Milano most despises in fanfiction are bad writing and ideas that completely clash.

She likes reading (fanfiction and books) Harry Potter, LotR, Buffy, music, astronomy, occult stuff, going to the movies, spending time with her friends and so forth. Normal stuff.

As a Harry Potter fan, her preferred house is Ravenclaw, her favorite characters are Dumbledore and Ron Weasley, and her least favorites (aside from Umbridge) are the Dursleys.


Milano rates herself as follows:

  • Technical skills: * What can I say, I failed the technical.
  • Magical skills: ***** Abracadabra!
  • Canon knowledge: ***** Know them both forwards and backwards.
  • Bleeprin usage: *** I can handle a lot, but even the great Milano has her limits.


Milano was partnered up between 2002 and 2003 with Agent Ekwy, who is an old friend. They worked well together, so well in fact that in 2003 they received an intern named Nea. The three of them went on four missions together before Nea passed her initiation and got a partner (Loki) and a response center (#696) of her own. Ekwy and Milano continued their work, but lately they seem a bit lazy.

They helped exorcise Arda when Alumia merged with the whole planet.

She doesn't have a mini, but Ekwy lets her borrow Mora sometimes.

Mission Reports[]

The missions have been archived on the PPC LiveJournal Community. The original site can be viewed via the Wayback Machine.

Partnered with Ekwy Fields and Nea Forrest[]

Other Appearances[]