Agent Michelle de Bergerac is a member of the Department of Mary Sues, and is written by Riese. She has an alternate personality, that of the Heroic Spirit Joan of Arc.

Agent ProfileEdit


Mike is slightly shorter than average, with unruly blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She remains in top physical condition, despite her laziness — something she is quick to rib her partner about.


Mike bounces from extreme childishness to calm maturity to shameless flirtiness, often completely without warning. It is unknown if this quirk is a result of her background, or if she simply does it to drive Kilroy up the wall. Either way, she's not telling.

Mike does not retain much memory of her previous incarnation as Joan, except for an extreme aversion to fire.


Following her recruitment into the PPC, most of Mike's abilities as a Heroic Spirit were sealed by DoSAT and Medical. Upstairs has hinted that these "restrictions" could be lifted should she transfer to DOGA (or during missions to the Nasuverse, where they would not disrupt canon), but, at least for the time being, Mike has elected to stay in the DMS with her partner Kilroy.

Despite these restrictions, Mike occasionally manages to use a small part of her original abilities, namely the manifestation of her Noble Phantasm, the longsword La Pucelle.

Noble PhantasmEdit

La Pucelle: The Crimson Holy Woman

Rank A++ Noble Phantasm

Anti-Fortress (Maximum number of targets: 1,000)

Jeanne d'Arc's holy sword, and the crystallization of her legend. Its power stems from Jeanne's unshakable faith, and is on par with Durandal.

Under normal circumstances, Mike simply uses La Pucelle's longsword form, as that alone is enough to deal with most Sues. However, there are also two more ways she can use it to deal with tougher opponents. The first of these is a transformation of the blade itself into solid flame. The second, which can be considered La Pucelle's "true" ability as a Noble Phantasm, is a blast of flame fired from the sword's tip. This consumes a massive amount of prana, but the payoff for the expenditure is a firestorm than can torch a wide area almost instantly. For obvious reasons, Mike isn't usually allowed to do that.

Agent HistoryEdit

Mike was recruited in 2010 HST by Agent Kilroy Vincentus, who became her partner when she became an agent. She's managed to integrate herself relatively well so far, and appears to be fairly stable...

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