Midlearth is a Sued version of Middle-earth. It is a separate continuum that has apparently split off from the main Lord of the Rings continuum due to the sheer number of Mary Sues and amount of OOCness.

In Midlearth, place-names are misspelled, Sues roam the land, and the geography shifts so that locations of various places are inconsistent. Characters are the OOC versions of themselves, though at least one, Elrond, is aware that something is not right.

In March 2003, Agent Morgan Sapire fell through a plothole to Midlearth, where she found an abundance of Mary Sues and OOC versions of canon characters. She herself gained many Suvian traits, but not enough to lose her desire to leave Midlearth and rejoin the PPC. Morgan failed to return from her mission and is still MIA.

Although similar in some respects to "Suedom" by Andy and Saphie, "The Lands of Midlearth" was written beforehand, and neither seems to have been directly influenced by the other.

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