Michel Javert is an agent in the Department of Bad Slash. He is written by Tomato.

Agent Profile


Michel is a tall human male with brown hair who wears a long coat and frequently forgets that he does not wear a hat. He resembles his canonical father, Inspector Javert, only a few decades younger.


A reformed antagonist from a Suefic, Michel has a violent temper and an extensive vocabulary of French curses. He makes it a rule not to hit girls, unless they hit him first, in which case all bets are off. Coming from a religious household in the nineteenth century, he has a rather old-fashioned view of things such as sex, religion, and girls in trousers. It has taken him a while to adjust to the concept of slash, but he's managing.

Agent History


Michel was a low-ranking policeman in Paris and the antagonistic older brother of Gabrielle Javert, a Les Mis Mary Sue. He followed his sister to the barricades, where he witnessed her execution at the hands of Agents Sylveste and Carol. Michel was recruited and placed in the Department of Bad Slash.

PPC Career

Michel is partnered with Agent Rouge, who had transferred to Bad Slash after the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion. Rouge has been instrumental in teaching Michel about modern things. The two have been on one mission together, which was traumatic in that it involved Michel's father, but was thankfully without smut.

Michel is the sworn enemy of Agent Maria Falcone, and the two are often seen screaming at each other in French. They have gotten into at least one fight serious enough to land them in Medical.

Mission Logs

Home: Response Centre 24601

Michel and Rouge's missions have not yet been recorded.

Partnered with Rouge

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