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Michael Green is an agent in the Department of Floaters. He is written by Alleb.

Agent Profile[]

Michael is a rather average young man who grew up in a loving suburban home in Wyoming with a twin sister and a brother. His childhood was idyllic and nerdy, and he has no complaints. One night, while he was up late reading, he and his then-kitten Oromë were dragged through a portal and into HQ. He was at first confused, but then delighted, and immediately signed on as an agent. After a year of training, he was partnered with Agent Mia. We'll see how that turns out.


Michael has an unremarkable face, brown eyes, slightly wavy dishwater blond hair, and the body of a teenage boy who loves to eat and works out only when forced. He wears sweatpants and moccasins whenever possible.


Michael is easy-going and mild, although he gets snappish when he's hungry, tired, or frazzled. Heaven help the agent who approaches him when he's all three of them at once.

Mission Logs[]

Partnered With Mia:[]

"Unacceptable Behavior " (Once Upon a Time)