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Mia is an agent in the Department of Floaters. She is written by Alleb.

Agent Profile[]

Mia didn't really have a childhood. She was created as an insanely intelligent seven-year-old in a horrible fic that intended for her to become a Fifteenth Walker, but she was rescued and reformed by PPC agents before that happened. Mia remembers almost nothing before being rescued, and she views HQ not only as her home, but as her friend.


Mia is a little shorter than average, but wiry. Her hair is chin length, blonde, and falls in beach-model perfect waves. General consensus is that Mia keeps her hair in a tight ponytail specifically to disguise this. Mia is rather pale, as she's never lived anywhere else but the sunlight-deprived halls of HQ. She owns nothing but black and leather. The jury is still out on whether or not she actually possesses a smile. Her most distinguishing feature, however, is her eyes: Mia's glitter levels have defied all treatments, and the excess sparkly stuff manifests itself as urple eyes that are present even when she's in disguise. Thus, Mia constantly wears sunglasses, even when on missions.


Mia is, in a word, abrasive. She enjoys sarcasm at other's expense, hates nearly everything that moves, and despises cheerfulness. So far, Agent Michael is the only person who has managed to remain partnered with her for more than one week.

Mission Reports[]

Partnered with Michael[]

"Unacceptable Behavior " (Once Upon a Time)