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Meneltari was a PPC agent in the Department of Misplaced Flora and Fauna. Her real name is Elvea, but her partner called her "Mel" for short. She was partnered with Joe and was written by Elvea Aure.

Meneltari was a not-so-reformed Mary Sue working for the PPC, one of a trio of Suvian daughters of Eru that proclaimed themselves Goddesses within their home fic. The three were recruited rather than killed largely because they were immortal and, despite their powers, did not aggressively twist canon. She was a "Goddess" of Good and Vengeance, and her sisters, Endomiel and Ril-gania, "Goddesses" of Evil and Balance respectively, worked in the DMFF with her. The threat of being tossed into the Void with Morgoth kept the sisters in line for a while.

During one of her missions, she used her Suvian singing voice to defeat a species-hybrid Mary Sue, but due to Joe having kept radio contact with Headquarters throughout the duration of her song, she inadvertently brainwashed a large portion of HQ's male population. As punishment, Meneltari was expelled from the PPC and sent into the Void, and her partner was repartnered with Endomiel. Strangely, Joe experienced no repercussions whatsoever for his part in the event, and was even allowed to take part in the training of Lee, one of the DMFF's recruits.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Department of Misplaced Flora and Fauna (LiveJournal archive)

Partnered with Joe[]

Other Appearances[]

  • "*snerk*"
    • An early mention, in Boarder!Claudia Beth King's journal, of "Elvea" and Endomiel filling their Goddess roles in a Dungeons & Dragons game.