Meip is a fresh-out-of-the-barracks newbie freshly assigned to the Department of Floaters, working out of RC Sp'nüff(24), and is, in all essence, an author insert. In fact – if you could ever manage to get her to talk about it – she's quite proud of being one.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

She's in a losing battle with her weight, and is very self-conscious about it. She is very proud of her waist-length mass of dark brown curls, though she wishes that it were longer, around the vicinity of her knees specifically. Her eyes are brown and are usually hidden behind a pair of oval-shaped silver glasses. If you ever see her wearing pants, you'd better take a picture because it's a sight you're not likely to ever see again. She is most frequently found wearing ankle-length flowy skirts.

Personality Edit

Meip is very much the quiet one in a group. She is very shy and hates physical confrontations, this has made some people wonder how she could have ever gotten into the PPC. If asked she would inform you that she believes correcting badfic is one of the things she's willing to fight about. Perversely, she loves to argue verbally about myriad subjects, though her shyness cripples her ability to do so. Unless you ask Meip a direct question that requires more than a yes or no answer, she will make small noises as answers, questions, statements, and ums. Frequently used noises are: meep, gnarf, mwah, and small growls.

Origin and Alibi Edit

Meip calls Earth her home planet – most of the time – and has lived in the same spot all of her life, in the middle of nowhere surrounded by pine trees. Her family believes that she is currently off at college.

Partner History Edit

Meip's first and only partner to date is Rose/Ross.

Weapons Edit

Meip's weapons are a 357. Magnum pistol, a rather amazing variety of hardback books, and a horde of angry cats that followed her from Earth. She also has the ability to accurately shoot a 22. rifle, various beebee guns and a bow. Meip is also the very proud owner of a Bag, in which she keeps: more books, her computer, pens, mechanical pencils, erasers, a pad of drawing paper, a multitude of black skirts, myriad things she's forgotten about, and occasionally, some of her cats.

Mission ReportsEdit

Home: Catonia

And, for all stories concerning Rose/Ross: Mad Ramblings of a College Student

Partnered with Rose/Ross Edit

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