Megan Shepard-Gibbs is an original character created by luckyducky09. She appeared in one story in the NCIS fandom.

Character History Edit

Megan Shepard-Gibbs was the daughter of Shepard and Gibbs, but raised by her maternal grandmother. Jenny Shepard did not even know who her daughter's father was until her mother was killed and Jenny had to take care of her own kid full-time. Megan suffered a trauma from her grandmother's murder that made her unable to speak. It also made her a target for her gran's murderers. Several attempts to kill her were unsuccessful, resulting only in a high death toll among the bad guys. Nevertheless, Gibbs bullied Fornell into providing Megan with a bodyguard, consisting of 14 federal agents, so she could go to school like a regular kid.

Character Demise Edit

Agent Allison and Tasmin stepped in to charge Megan with once having had an interesting psychological trauma, but quickly turning into an annoying teenager; with making Gibbs an adulterer; with making Tony watch TV on the job, all the time; and with leaving really stupid clues and still making it hard for Abby and McGee to crack the passwords on her computer. Allison broke the Sue's neck.

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