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Megan worked for the Department for Elf Protection before it was merged with the Department of Character Protective Services. She was written by Purplefluffychainsaw, but may have been created by someone else.

She adopted the mini-Balrog Thranduillion.


Medium height (5'5"), medium build, and hair colour of the month. Usually something dark—her hair is naturally brown. She knows how to wear makeup, and so keeps her face in order, and she also knows how to get Elanor to adjust her uniform so it'll fit in the best way possible. In general, she's your usual average, slightly rock-ish girl, who hasn't changed much from when she was 16. She wears glasses, and her eyes are blue-grey.


She is slightly calmer and more sensible than her partner. Her berserk button happens to be exactly what Mary Sues do best: idiots molesting Legolas. Aside from that, though, she really is a lot more composed than Elanor, although she has a tendency to try and molest Legolas herself. She's a much better aim with the bow, and patience isn't just another word in the dictionary for her. Over the years she's lost some of her naïvety (or at least, looks less naïve), and adopted slightly more of a rock-chick attitude, but underneath that, she's actually somewhat of a sap, weak to any kinds of puppy-dog eyes. Except for those of Sues, and Elanor's. Because that would be too easy.

History at the PPC[]

Megan was encouraged to join by Elanor, although when a hard day's work involved saving Legolas from other girls she was never going to be a hard sell.

Mission Reports[]

Homes: Response Centre 181 on Webs.com and the Department for Elf Protection on the Pit.

Partnered with Elanor Gilmor[]