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Agent Meg is a despatcher in the Department of Trans-Dimensional Hopping and Snatching, specializing in The Lord of the Rings. Her partner is Will. She was written by Meg Thornton.

Agent Profile[]

Meg describes herself as "five foot two, dark-haired and fat." She is a native of the Real World who was recruited in 2002 after she sent fan mail to Jay and Acacia. She was assigned to Despatch because of her poor archery skills—as Acacia put it, she'd "be hard put to hit the broad side of a barn. From the inside." She also doesn't have the strongest stomach in the world, being susceptible to any kind of motion sickness you care to name. She carries candied ginger with her to help cope with the various additional kinds of queasiness to which PPC agents are subject.

Before joining the PPC, Meg worked at a helpdesk for about a year, during which time she honed her sadistic, psychotic tendencies and met her future partner, Will. Her mother is a nurse, and she herself takes a casual interest in herbal medicine, so writers mucking about with anatomy, physiology, and medicine is a surefire way to set her twitching.

Mission Reports[]

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Partnered with Will[]