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The Medical Research Division of the Medical Department is mostly concerned with checking the quality and safety of various medical devices and pharmacopeia used in HQ. The division is headed by the Echinacea,[1][2] who has a deputy, the Self-Heal.[source, please!] Its flash patch is a brown guinea pig,[3] and its staff are called scientists.


The MRD shares its lab space with the Department of Analytical Science (formerly the DMSE&R). The labs are primarily located in a hallway behind the Medical Department. It consists of a main lab with other labs branching out from it. Some of them are soundproof, and all of them are painted a blinding shade of white. The main lab has a cathedral ceiling and many skylights for artificial sunlight to pour through.[3]

Like field agents, scientists are stationed in response centers, but their consoles act as information databases and alarm clocks. The typical scientist wears a spotless white (or at least all-over grey) lab coat with the MRD flash patch on the left sleeve.

In addition to testing the safety of medicines and medical devices used in HQ, the MRD are also responsible for coming up with vaccines and treatments for various illnesses which may plague agents. They are known to have been involved in the recruitment and resurrection of Agent Suicide.[4]


During the 2008 Macrovirus Epidemic, the MRD/DMSE&R labs were quarantined, and extra personnel were drafted to synthesize the cure.

The Medical Research Division has been working with DAS-SWEAR scientists Lori Starrett and Bill Fallis on de-Glitterification technology, designed as a less assassination-y way to purge Suvians. The latest version of the de-Glitterifier was used on John Tsai. Time will tell if the procedure was truly successful.[5]

Known Scientists[]

Division Records[]

Records from this division may be found on the Complete List of PPC Fiction, Medical Research Division.