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Marvin is a human from World One in the All-Purpose Department, My Little Pony Division. He is written by World-Jumper, and partnered with Printworthy.

Agent Profile[]


Marvin is a 5'7" Caucasian male with green eyes, freckles, and short brown hair. He is overweight, yet not insanely out of shape, though he gets winded faster than he probably should. He requires glasses or other vision-enhancing material to be able to see things further than two feet away clearly. When disguised, he is almost always a yellow and orange pegasus, with an ever-changing cutiemark.


Marvin is usually calm and kind, a rare and sometimes dangerous trait in the PPC, though he is also somewhat shy. When confronted, he will usually look down or to the side of the person speaking to him, and finds it difficult to carry on a conversation with a stranger. However, particular talking points like asking who is best pony or what is his favorite episode will get him to gush like a fanboy. Once he opens up to someone, he usually leaves the impression of being a bit of a dork, though a well-meaning one.

He cares deeply for the canon he protects, so when he is on missions, he changes from kind and shy to defensive, snarky and angry at those responsible for warping his beloved canon. He is usually the one to spot canon violation charges, while Printworthy handles most of the mechanical charges.

His relationship with his partner is an interesting one. He is often very, very curious about pony biology, anatomy and culture, and as such barrages Printworthy with questions. When he is not asking questions, he usually leaves Printworthy to his own devices, preferring to read or watch episodes of various television shows by himself. He is the most open with his partner, and is willing to share just about anything with him.

Mission Reports[]

Home: RC 901\1Y

Partnered with Printworthy[]