Agent Martin Carlini was recruited by Agents Daphne Flamewrite and Elaina Thyme sometime in 2009. Though he trained with them as a Bad Slasher, he later transferred to the Department of Floaters. He is written by Anamia, and may be used with her permission.


Martin is a Twilightverse vampire, and thus has all the physical qualities that this entails. As such, he has incredibly pale skin that glitters in the sunlight, eyes that change color depending on how recently he has fed (though he wears blue contacts to seem more normal), and retractable fangs that he keeps out to prove that, home canon to the contrary, he really is a vampire. He keeps his black hair messy more out of laziness than choice, and dresses in black because it's easier to wear his uniform than think of what to wear each morning. On missions, he carries his titanium feather duster.


Martin was recruited from a badfic by Agents Daphne Flamewrite and Elaina Thyme. His fic of origin has, thankfully, been lost to time, though a mission may come if Anamia ever finds it again. After a crash course in PPC basics, he was given to Daphne and Elaina to train, but quickly decided that he would rather not deal exclusively with bad slash. Thus, when his training was over, he transferred to the Department of Floaters. He is currently partnerless, though he has taken Intern Frances Grant under his wing, and is available to any agents who need an extra hand.

An unpublished Ten Years Hence drabble shows him and Elaina in a romantic relationship.


Martin, perhaps to spite his origins, has vowed never to descend into wangst, and is thus almost frighteningly cheerful. Just how much of this is a facade is hard to discern. He is also unfailingly polite to everyone, though it's clear that it's easier with some than others. He is not vegetarian, and has been known to feed on bit characters at times. He does not eat Sues, because, as he says, "I glitter enough already, thanks." He is not at all happy about his origins, and wishes he could somehow negate his heritage, or become a vampire from a different continuum. As modern technology has not yet come up with a way to do this, Martin must be content as he is and avoid going into direct sunlight during missions in which he is not wearing a disguise.

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