Martin was a new recruit in the Department of Mary Sues, Legacy of Kain Division, before he unexpectedly went into a changestate (a sort of pupal state). He was written by Phoenix.

Agent ProfileEdit


Martin is 5'10" and weighs about 143 lbs. He's a Nosgothic vampire sired by Raziel, giving him fangs and claws, blueish skin, black hair, wings, and some other bird-like traits, which will become more pronounced with each changestate. His grin is described as more pleasant than Mira's, fangs aside.


Martin seems content to lounge around and beat Mira mercilessly at video games until a threat to LoK comes along. He knows well and good how things should be in his home continuum, and he seems to be rabidly opposed to bad slashfics, especially any that involve his sire, Raziel. Incest!fics and Raziel badfic in general are also known to set him off.


Martin is one of the last of LoK's Razielim clan vampires, a position that would normally give him automatic Gary Stu status were it not for his vehement views against the Mary Sue invasion of his homeland. Further exploration of his vampiric abilities, age, position in his clan, and other signs indicate that he is likely not, nor will ever be, a Gary Stu.

He is currently (and unexpectedly) stuck in changestate, all missions to be delayed for the duration.

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Home: Department of Mary Sues: Legacy of Kain Division

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