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Marsha is an ex-Suvian Triceratops. She was the replacement for Cera in Chapter 33 of "Land Before Time: Littlefoot x Cera" and her strong desire to kill the Ali-Sue convinced Agent Trojanhorse that she was potential PPC material. She was renamed Marsha in honour of Othniel Charles Marsh, the discoverer and describer of Triceratops.

Thanks to the author of LxC, Marsha has human reproductive organs and is incredibly hormonal. Her age is roughly correspondent to that of a fourteen-year-old human. She is on a permanent prescription for a cocktail of Anti-Lustin and the Pill, as well as Logicillin.

Marsha can be found in the Nursery, where she is undergoing the usual psychiatric treatment for rescued Suvian children. She hopes to be an assassin, or at least an assassination method, when she grows up. As she will be around twelve tons in weight when fully grown, this ambition may well be fulfilled. She has been adopted by Agent Trojanhorse, and has two brothers: Spencer Black and Andy Henson Black, the adoptive children of Trojie's partner Paddlebrains.

As Marsha is a dinosaur, she is not to be given Bleepproducts. The reasoning for this is that as avian and ornithanthrope agents react badly to it, and dinosaurs are more closely related to birds than to mammals (which most other agents are), it is likely that she could have an adverse reaction to these chemicals.

In April 2009 HST, Marsha was allowed to accompany her mothers on a short and simple Bad Slash mission in Ithilien. It is hoped that the promise of further missions will encourage her to submit to a disguise generator while in the Nursery, as in her natural form her bulk makes fitting her into a classroom somewhat difficult. While in human disguise, she is an overweight blonde teenager, and has not yet mastered knees.

Possible Update[]

If the Ten Years Hence story featuring Marsha is taken as canon, as of 2018 she is a member of the Department of Mary Sues.