Marrissa Amber Flores Picard is the star of a series of Legendary Badfics in Trekverse. She should not be confused with the canonical Marissa Flores, who appeared in the Next Generation episode "Disaster". However, she was intended to be a Character Replacement of that character.

Character HistoryEdit

Before adolescence, she was already a commissioned officer (in charge of what the Suethor dubbed "the Children's Crew") and an adept (although childish) negotiator. In one fic, she sharked a Klingon and lived to tell the tale. In another, she successfully negotiated peace between the planets Sobnia, Bresa, and Troac in the Naklab system.

Character DemisesEdit

Agent Alec Troven has killed her six times and counting. The Department of Geographical Aberrations took out the Naklab system with a Sun Crusher.[1]


Sadly, only two missions are currently available, the others having been lost with the death of GeoCities:

References Edit

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