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Marrissa Amber Flores Picard is the star of a series of Legendary Badfics in Trekverse. She should not be confused with the canonical Marissa Flores, who appeared in the Next Generation episode "Disaster". However, she was intended to be a Character Replacement of that character.

Character History[]

Before adolescence, she was already a commissioned officer (in charge of what the Suethor dubbed "the Children's Crew") and an adept (although childish) negotiator. In one fic, she sharked a Klingon and lived to tell the tale. In another, she successfully negotiated peace between the planets Sobnia, Bresa, and Troac in the Naklab system.

Character Demises[]

Agent Alec Troven has killed her six times and counting. The Department of Geographical Aberrations took out the Naklab system with a Sun Crusher.[1]


Sadly, only two missions are currently available, the others having been lost with the death of GeoCities: