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The Marquis de Sod is the Head of the Department of Personnel, and a member of the Board of Department Heads since 1999 HST. He is one of the Firstborn, and though he is sometimes referred to as the Daisy, he should not be confused with the other Daisy.


The Marquis is one of the more neurotic Flowers. He is known to be overworked and in need of medication[1] or therapy,[2] depending on who you ask. General rumor has it that he gets on poorly with the Head of FicPsych, the Kudzu.

Relations with Agents[]

He is often the first Flower that a new recruit meets, which is either very lucky or unlucky (depending on what other Flower said recruit might have run into). As his name suggests, he has a reputation for being somewhat sadistic in the way he assigns people to their department and/or partner. The Marquis is also often the first one that angry agents go to when they are paired with a partner they do not like, do not want, or do not need.

Occasionally agents try to get raises out of the Marquis, but they tend to try their own Department Head or break into the Department of Finance first. Even if the Marquis were willing to help them, matters of payment are not his jurisdiction. While he has a reputation for being acerbic and somewhat sadistic, he does have his moments of sanity and even compassion, such as when dealing with Jay Thorntree's distraught reaction to her partner's sudden retirement.



The Marquis de Sod first sprouted as an ordinary plant on the world later known as Origin. When the black hole at the centre of Origin's star system emitted several bursts of radiation, the Marquis was awoken by the second pulse.[3] He engaged in a mind-altering communion with the other Firstborn,[3] and began to display his trademark caustic personality almost as soon as he began to speak.[3] He adopted his name to symbolise his authority, as one of the leaders of what would become the Organisation.[4]

The Reorganisation[]

Following the Reorganisation, the Marquis de Sod became part of the newly formed Board of Department Heads, and thus one of the leaders of the PPC.

Board of Flowers[]

The Marquis remained on the Board of Department Heads following its restructuring after the Black Cat invasion in 2006, and after the Swan's Egg event was a member of the third incarnation of the Board.[5]


  • Origins
    • The Awakening of the Marquis, and his role in the formation of the PPC.