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Marokee Brin is an agent in the Department of Bad Parody, Troll Division. She was written by Meir Brin.

Agent Profile[]

Marokee is the cousin of Meir Brin.[1][2] For some reason, the two are identical:[3] tall, with dark hair long enough to get in her face,[4] and (probably) grey eyes.[5]

Marokee is not known for being mentally stable. She is hyperactive and takes just about everything to extremes. When Smurly the Garden Gnome was looking for wax to shine his hat, Marokee sent him five hundred and forty pictures of different waxing products.[4] She has been known to clean her response center five times in two days, and she has a strange obsession with meatloaf.[4] She is especially paranoid about being prepared for a mission: her backpack is the size of a large dog, which is necessary because she carries extras of everything, including three pairs of pliers "just in case."[4] She considers twenty-four grapnades to be "running low."[4]

According to Meir Brin, Marokee's instability may be due to her previous assignment in the Department of Bad Slash.[2] What happened to her there is not known, but the Sunflower Official has used reassignment to the DBS as a threat to keep her meatloaf obsession in check.[4]

Her response center is a pentagon-shaped corner office located at the end of the thirty-fifth floor corridor, which is also home to the rest of the DBP.[4] She has a pet named Herby who lives in a terrarium in her RC. Herby is a "small, red, winged, amphibious, frog-like creature."[4]

She was formerly partnered with Agent Gelaremi, who suffered a "psycho attack and subsequent mashed potato hallucinations," which were not Marokee's fault (directly).[4] She was partnered with new recruits Leelee and Saphie Ellings in 2003,[4] but they never released any actual mission reports.

Mission Logs[]

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Partnered with Leelee and Saphie[]