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Mark is an essentially human agent in the Department of Floaters. He joined near the end of 2010.

Agent Profile[]


Mark was originally an NPC in a Call of Cthulhu RPG. The thread that he was created in tore itself apart due to infighting and god-modding, creating an instability in reality large enough to cause his sudden appearance in HQ. He is semi-immortal, and has spent most of his life reading, interspersed with a handful of large scale fights against various police force. However, the latter really wasn't touched upon in his home thread enough for it to have had much effect on him. His immortality is either due to some vaguely described parentage to a Great Old One, or the much easier explanation of him being an NPC "bazooka" for story purposes.


Mark is 5'9" and has an average build. He has dyed blue hair, saying the actual color is "a rather blinding shade of white," and wears brown contacts. He prefers long, flowing clothes that sway in the wind, because it's expected of him, though he often wears a pair of camouflage pants with many pockets for storing knives and canonical materials for exorcisms. He also possesses a tattered scarf that has a mind of its own, but spends most of its time just swaying about. Since retrieving a sentient length of rope referred to simply as The Rope in a badfic, he occasionally brings it along with him on missions, letting it coil around his arm until he needs it.


He is intelligent, speaks in a formal tone, and is quite dry at times. He may come off a boring, really. Also has a tendency to be petty over losing at games. He's quite apathetic about physical injury, as he is nigh impossible to kill through physical damage alone, though he intentionally avoids getting harmed, knowing full well how easily that mindset can lead to disaster. Due to wonky homebrew mechanics, he can heal physical injuries with a touch, but sustains them himself, leaving him very proactive about his personal space.

Special Abilities[]

Mark possesses powerful regenerative abilities, and as such is almost impossible to permanently damage in combat. He also has minor healing abilities, but in order to use them, he transfers the wounds of others to himself. He is incapable of healing transferred wounds with his regenerative abilities, so they heal much slower, usually leaving scars. Despite his physical resiliance, he has a notable weakness to magical attacks, especially those using magic systems foreign to his continuum. Suvian weapons, due to their unnatural nature, often have similar effects on him.

However, beyond his healing, he is only slightly skilled in combat, and not stronger then a normal person, and thus isn't actually a good fighter. His ability with a rifle, or a Thompson machine gun is good (but when do you ever find those in fics, he usually points out). He can use a knife and successfully not stab or cut himself. Personally, he'd rather just not have to fight at all.

Mission Reports[]

Home: RC 481,516,234,277

Partnered with Cadmar and Maria[]