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Not to be confused with Mara.

Agent Maralys "Mara" Deeppockets was a PPCer in the Lord of the Rings division of the DMS. Because of this, she was nearly always mistaken for a hobbit, although she is in fact a kender. By mid-2003, she had moved on to co-headmistressing the OFUKrynn and her partner had retired.

Maralys's partner, Erin, gamely put up with her outbursts of energy, hyperactive speaking, and easily distracted nature. This could sometimes be a problem during a particularly boring part of the mission, but you could always count on Maralys to finish the job. She is described as short, about 3.5 feet tall, with curly hair. She has pockets sewn into her jumpsuit as well as a belt with colored pouches. As a kender, she does tend to "acquire" objects without the knowledge of their owners.

Mission Reports[]

Home: The Many Adventures of Maralys and Erin - ironically, only one is recorded.

Partnered with Erin[]