Although not maniacal, as many PPCers are, Agent Mara is somber and blunt when she's not teasing her partner. Mara showed her partner, Agent Isaiah, the ropes early on in their missions, but as Isaiah gains more and more experience, she finds herself being on more of an equal footing with him. She still refers to him as "Recruit" now and again, even though Isaiah is now one of the oldest PPCers still active. She is tall and of medium build, with curly black hair that Misspelled Monkeys love to yank on, green eyes (DARK green, Suethors!), olive-toned skin, and is accompanied by her mini-Balrog, Moordoor. Her favorite weapon is a replica of Captain Jack Sparrow's pistol (which she only loads one round into at a time), and her favorite character in the multiverse is Samwise Gamgee.

History Edit

Mara is a veteran, having been in the PPC for six years before founding the Department of Technical Errors. Agent Len, the original flamethrower guy, was her boyfriend and partner until he tried to decapitate her while on a mission. She is friends with Agent Rosie, Agent Quen, and Techno-Dann. Recently, she began the arduous tasks of training new DTE recruits Melanin Butterfly and Tiranel van de Kamp.

Missions Reports Edit

Home: The Red Pen Files

There is an abbreviated list on Miss Cam's site, here.

Partnered with Isaiah Edit

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