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Manx is a new agent partnered with Agent Shadow. They are written by insanegrrl.

Agent Profile[]


Agent Manx is Caucasian, with curly brownish hair and brown eyes. She is very, very short, and hates jokes about her stature.


Her personality is more sane (compared to all the other agents, which isn't saying much), bossy and annoying at points, and she gets frustrated easily. You do not want to be around her when she goes berserk, though, or even just slightly angry. Let's just say... certain parts shall be broken that you didn't even know could be broken.

She has a soft spot for Neville and thinks he and Luna should get together. However, her lust objects—well, maybe more "objects of affection"—remain the two sons of Denethor and perhaps Will Turner. But she idolizes Éowyn.

Manx's favorite fandoms remain Lord of the Rings and Redwall, but she enjoys Discworld.

She is working on learning every swear word in the many languages of fandom, or at least the worthwhile ones. Now she can curse out nearly everyone in all seven continents of the planet, even Antarctica (Emperor penguin doesn't have a very good word for "poop," but she got it anyway) and many other places besides. Dwarvish, both Discworld and Middle-earth, still puzzles her, but she's getting the hang of it.

She has Bloodwrath—extreme homicidal tendencies—and loathes Mary Sues in general. She was recruited from the Real World in mid-2007 and placed with partner Shadow in the Department of Floaters.


Manx and Shadow have tackled three Sues so far: Marimtudada, a LotR x Harry Potter crossover Sue; Vearanniel, a Tenth Walker Sue from New York; and Rosebay Willowherb, a vixen Sue from Redwall. Though their first mission passed without incident, their second mission was extremely traumatic, since Manx was captured and almost killed by the Sue and her Sue-ified minions. She was rescued by her partner and a large group of volunteer agents. The team have also tackled the Cluny Fic from That Series.

Mission Reports[]

Home: RC 1427: The Realm of Manx and Shadow

Partnered with Shadow[]