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The Maiar are the lesser gods and goddesses of Tolkien's Middle-earth. They are far more numerous than the Valar and tend to work under them.

The Balrogs were Maiar who rebelled along with Melkor and his servant Sauron. The Wizards (Istari) are Maiar who were sent by the Valar to help the Free Peoples fight against Sauron in the Third Age.

There is only one recorded marriage of a Maia: Melian, the wife of Elwë (Thingol) and mother of Lúthien.

Notable Maiar from The Lord of the Rings include:

Notable Maiar from The Silmarillion include:

  • Arien
  • Eönwë
  • Melian (Melyanna)
  • Ossë
  • Tilion
  • Ungoliant (presumably)
  • Sauron
  • Gothmog
  • Thuringwethil (presumably)

There was a Maia in the PPC: