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The term magical jewellery (British) or jewelry (American), also known as Magical Mary Sue Artifacts of Mary Sueness (+1 optional), includes things like Extra Rings of Power and the uber-speshul sparkly shiny necklaces with which Sues feel the need to equip themselves to prove how awesome they are. Usually, to justify bedecking themselves with tacky bling, Sues assign random magical powers to their jewellery. These are often forgotten about the moment after they've been described. Magical jewellery may be confiscated by agents and hocked at the Rook Takes Pawnshop or bartered at the General Store.

Specific Articles[]

Known specific pieces of magical jewellery acquired by PPC agents include:

  • The Ring of Sairalindë, taken by Agent Dafydd Illian.
  • Alyssa Rider's four-bead necklace, picked up by Agent Thomas Greenwall. Each bead triggers either a fireball (red) or sleeping gas (green) when removed from the necklace. (This will likely be detrimental to the user.)
  • Agent Mittens took a Sue's magical staff-necklace as a souvenir. It is shaped as a Celtic cross, but the lower part can through magic be elongated into a staff, which can then be used in combat. It is made of silver and white gold.