Magdalen "Maggie" Blackwell is an agent in the Department of Floaters. She is written by Lilac Lielac.

Agent ProfileEdit


Maggie has longish, dark brown hair that's almost always in some form of braid, pale skin with freckles, and blue eyes. She's a gangly 5'6", and at a point in puberty when it's obvious she's going to stay that way. Due to her habit of talking with her whole body she often has mildly bruised knuckles.


Maggie is... excitable. Exuberant. Prone to extremes. She's easily angered and easily amused and easily given to calling for the flamethrower when faced with badfic, and tends to charge into things without thinking. Being quiet is a weakness, as is reining in her urge to give people nicknames the instant she meets them.

Agent HistoryEdit


Maggie joined the PPC when a Canon Protection Initiative member informed her of the mini-Rahkshi she had accidentally created. When Maggie went through the portal ostensibly created to take her to where the mini Sasha was, it dropped her in Personnel, and she went along with the Marquis de Sod's mistaking her for a new recruit because the PPC intrigued her.


At some point Maggie met Kilroy and his partner Mike and became friends with them, though the details of that meeting are currently unknown.

Maggie's first mission was a particularly awful Bionicle slashfic in which most of the characters were replacements. Even with backup the sheer canon-destroying force of it caused her to have a breakdown, and, while FicPsych managed to make her able to take out the last replacement before she crashed again, had to recover from her ordeal under her partner's watch in their RC.

Following her nap, Maggie dealt with another Bionicle badfic and managed to survive it largely mentally intact, along with recruiting the Toa of Fire bit known as Taho.

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