Mad H is, or was, an agent in the Disturbing Acts of Violence Department's Intel Division. She was written by Katharine.

Mad H hasn't been heard from since the DAVD rallied against the invading Black Cats and were cut down by a greater invasion of Mary Sues. However, her exact status is unclear—either she died in the fight, or she has been unremarkably at work ever since, or she left the PPC at some point.

What is known is that she originally worked in the division alongside Dour K and Rile X before the Elder Evil Tree became the Head of Division. During that time, her madness mostly extended to dyeing her short, bristly hair such shades as electric purple to suit her mercurial moods. She also once offered to slip some vodka into Dour's Coke to show her what a stiff drink really is. (Dour declined.)

When she was new to the DAVD, she was less sane, and she once implied that Upstairs granted the department a tranquilizer gun for the purpose of keeping her under control. They now use the gun for occasions when they slip up and have to subdue the kinds of dangerous, psychopathic characters that appear in their line of work. Mad considers these foibles "not so bad."

Appearances Edit

  • "If I Die Before I Wake" (Lord of the Rings), Agent Dour K (DAVD)
    • Meet the slightly disgruntled DAVD crew! Dour K visits "If I Die Before I wake," and ends up in an extraordinarily foul mood. WARNING: Deals with child abuse! *growl*
  • "Killer in the Dark" (Lord of the Rings), Agent Dour K (DAVD)
    • Dour K visits "Killer in the dark," wherein she must face many dead people (some of whom don't exist), a psychotic Elf, and plotholes galore. WARNING: Contains torture, murder, and Katharine's sick and twisted sense of humor. *nasty smirk*
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