Agent Mackenzie is an assassin in the Department of Mary Sues. She is partnered with Nate and was written by Gabrielle.

Mackenzie was recruited by Agent Luxury. Her home fic contained some slash and an Aragorn/OC pairing—the OC being a half-elf, quarter-man and quarter-Istar by the name of Aerlinniel, who was not tempted by the One Ring, had the usual Suvian physique (big-boobs-tiny-waist-long-legs-nonexistent-thighs-long-blond-hair-urple-eyes), was "wise beyond her years," and had Legolas on his hands and knees. Before Lux had tried to kill her, Aerlinniel had blacked out. When she woke up, she wasn't Aerlinniel anymore but her author, Mackenzie, who had self-inserted the Mary Sue into her badly written fiction.

Mackenzie has since then escaped Lux's attempts to strip her of her innards and mount her as a Suethor specimen on the wall of her cubicle. Fortunately, she was saved by the arrival of Lux's current love interest, and she escaped to Upstairs, where she got her response center assignment and her new partner.

Mission ReportsEdit

Home: Just Like The Old Days

Partnered with NateEdit

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