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Lyra Mackenzie joined the PPC in late April 2009.

Agent Profile[]


Lyra was an ordinary teenage girl from World One, an only child and somewhat spoilt. She had an interest in games such as darts and quoits, making her rather accurate at throwing things. Towards the end of the school year in 2009, she decided that her life was too boring and eventually resolved to begin rewriting her own life story on the new computer her uncle had just given her.

Little did she know that the computer was actually a revamped piece of PPC technology that had somehow ended up in World One. Her story, featuring herself as a far smarter, tougher and prettier girl with a far more exciting life – in other words, an archetypal Sue – made the device go berserk, and it dumped her through a plothole into HQ.

She was quickly recruited, and given a firm talking-to by the Department of Personnel before they began training her. Once she was deemed fit for active duty, she was sent to the Sunflower Official, who immediately summoned a trio of agents to his office. These agents were Cassie Young, Nat Freidar and Kelvin Talathion, whose tempers were none too good because they had just returned from a severely irritating fic. Despite everyone's protests, Kelvin was separated from his former partners and assigned to Lyra as her colleague.

Lyra saw this as a personal affront, mostly on the basis that the Elf was incredibly tall compared to her, and took an instant dislike to him. This aversion did not ease noticeably for a long time, but his becoming a father softened her somewhat and she now tolerates him better.


She is a very petite girl, standing at barely 5'1", and shows no signs of getting taller. Despite this, it is usually fairly easy to see her, since she has a mass of curly red hair that she rarely tries to bring under control. Her eyes are pale blue-grey, and she always wears a pair of gold stud earrings. Her natural expression is that of a girl trying to look innocent.


Lyra is incredibly sensitive about her lack of height, and snaps at anybody who points it out. She is somewhat immature for her age, somewhat bratty at times – having not quite got used to the fact that she can't always get her own way – and often quite rude. She tries to excuse this with the fact that she is female and still a teenager, and as such is supposed to be ragingly hormonal. Those who know her are not usually convinced, and several people who have befriended her partner have on occasion taken it upon themselves to convince her to drop the attitude problem temporarily.