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Of course the two are unrelated! How... silly.

Lyn is a human Cafeteria worker, the alter-ego of her author, Vixenmage. She works with the author's imaginary friend Mohan and an adopted Enderman, Jof.

Character Profile[]


Lyn is fairly short—just over five feet—and wears her hair short to keep it from getting in the way. She's got blue eyes, pale skin, and is mostly blonde, with a splotch of dark hair over the whorl in the back of her head, which she refuses to explain. She wears black, because the inevitable stains from working with monsters, aliens, and the never-calm assassins don't show up as easily.

Origin and Department[]

Lyn thought Mohan was a dream, or a hallucination. It didn't, as a general rule, stop her from talking to him, and they wound up close friends. When he got involved with the PPC, she got pulled in, too—and they wound up in the Kitchens, where they now bicker, snicker, and occasionally dance their way through the "prep" stages, on to serving things up. (Fortunately for them, the agents fully expect the food to be Interesting.)


She's quick to temper, quick to laughter, and quick to dirty jokes. For the most part, Lyn's personality, outwardly, can be described as manic, with all the stops pulled out. She rarely thinks all the way through any given action before performing it, but that never seems to detract from the enthusiasm of going through with it. Though she and Mohan are often at each other's throats, she regards him as her best friend, and will cheerfully tackle anyone who she perceives as potentially harmful to the humanoid.