Agent Luxury, sometimes called Lux, is a member of the Department of Bad Slash, Lord of the Rings Division. She worked (among other things) with Agent Sean for a while. Sean seems to have disappeared, while Lux still appears occasionally to direct and aid (well, glomp and molest) lost and unsuspecting agents.

Both Lux and Sean were created by Jay and Acacia, but they seem to have become part of the general canon and thus may be used by anybody.

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Most people don't get a chance to observe Lux in great detail before either a) she glomps them, or b) they run away, but it is generally agreed that she is blonde, pretty, and at least half-naked.

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Lux's usual mood is a happy daydream from which she only emerges to proposition whatever happens to be walking by. She is decidedly nymphomaniacal, and interprets any sort of nudity as a proposition. This has led to some confusion, some taking of offense, and the occasional quarrel. (Her crooked nose is a souvenir from one of these quarrels.)

It should be noted that Lux does genuinely intend to be kind and helpful, even at her most off-putting. She isn't out to make anyone uncomfortable; she just doesn't get what the big deal is. She has only been seen to be genuinely angry once, when she and Nin Brandt walked in on Sawney Rath about to rape his own daughter during That Series, and even then she didn't have a chance to be angry for long as she and Nin were immediately involved in a fight/rescue.

Hobbies Edit

When not engaged in her usual activities, Lux is a member of the Bad Slash team for the All-HQ Australian Indoor-Rules Quiddich League. She is often touted as their "secret weapon," and has managed to survive two matches without any noted injuries.

Lux was also responsible for the planning and organization of Agent Trojanhorse's birthday party in 2009, in which she made her entrance from a giant cake, covered in whipped cream. It is also revealed in this story that she sometimes goes up to see her Department Head (the Queen Anne's Lace) just to talk, and apparently may still miss Sean.

Luxury dabbles in taxidermy, and once skinned a blue unicorn for Jay and Acacia.

She is the author of a book entitled Your First Time.

Lux also has a thespian side, having played Portia in A Troupe By Any Other Name's Gallifreyan-setting Julius Caesar. She was also disappointed at missing the auditions for their shadow cast for Rocky Horror Picture Show, mostly because the main setting of the show, with all of its corsets, fishnets, and muscled blond hunks in tight gold hotpants, would have been right up her alley.

Agent History Edit

Backstory Edit

It appears that Lux wandered into the PPC from an alternate version of said organization known as the Shipverse (see the Very Odd Day series to give you an idea of what that 'verse is like), which explains her general disposition towards people. When she was first teleported into World One, Lux found herself in Sean's hostel room; luckily for her, her World One counterpart happened to be Sean's ex-girlfriend who had just left before she appeared in the room. She later told Sean about the PPC and convinced him to respond to a conveniently placed classified advertisement asking for PPC recruits. The Flowers were rather confused with her familiarity with the PPC and decided to move Lux and Sean to the Bad Slash Department, where her antics would be better tolerated.

According to TOS mission seven, "Children of the Earth," Lux "didn't fit even the low standards for the recruiting-desperate Department of Personnel, and had only gotten hired because she was Sean's girlfriend."[1]

By Jay and Acacia's twenty-second mission, though, Sean had left Lux "quite a while back" and she'd sworn off boys (at least for the time being). The Assassins found her with a Nurse in the Medical Department, having a "physical checkup."[2] Sean hasn't been heard from since, but Lux remains an active member of the DBS, pitching in with partnerless agents on Bad Slash missions here and there and generally being a feature of HQ.

Details on Lux's backstory can be found here.

Trivia Edit

Lux was first introduced in the Original Series' fourth mission, "Protector of the Ringbearer."

Luxury and Sean are both based on real-life friends of Jay and Acacia. The backstory given for her is fully made up.

Appearances Edit

  •  ??? - Slips into the Real World via malfunctioning remote activator (which was being used for 'unorthodox' purposes). Lands in Sean's apartment.
  • c. 2001 - Joins PPC with Sean in the Prime Multiverse; assigned to DMS.

References Edit

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