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Luke joined the DMS in November 1998.

Agent Profile[]


He was discovered by a couple of young assassins in a corridor, passed out and rather drunk. Having been sobered up, he was rapidly recruited to the Department of Mary Sues, where he has remained ever since.

He met up with Marcus Langston during the Reorganisation several months later. Marcus saved his life in the fighting, and since then the two have been firm friends. Luke went through several partners in his first two years on the job, but in 2001 he was partnered with Jessie Lancaster. They are still partnered, despite numerous attempts to get out of this situation. Apparently the Flowers find their antagonism far too amusing.

In 2003, during the Mary Sue Invasion, he was severely injured in the fighting, losing one eye. He made a full recovery, however, and returned to his work within a few days. He has now learned to cope with his lack of depth perception and is as skilled an Assassin as ever, though he now reacts rather more violently to Sues in HQ.

Luke has a son, named Owen, who lives in the Nursery. He is currently in a long-term relationship (renewed) with Owen's mother Vicky.


Standing at 6'3" and solidly muscled, with a black, rather worn-looking strip of cloth tied around his head to hide his missing eye, Luke is a rather imposing figure on first sight. With messy auburn hair and a friendly smile, however, this impression tends to disappear after a few seconds.


He is very friendly, and makes an effort to get on with most people. However, he is also a terrible flirt, and for a long time would hit on pretty much any female he was around if she looked as though she might be amenable to the idea. The notable exception to this rule was his partner Jessie, with whom he was constantly fighting. One of his girlfriends, Rilwen Shadowflame, has quashed this tendency in him, however - by the looks of things, for good.

Although he has registered Lust Objects in most of the continua he knows, he is also fiercely protective of their partners and intensely dislikes seeing their relationships being broken up.

He has become something of a gun nut since losing his eye, being particularly fond of the Uzi series, and will go out of his way to lay hands on a new model.

Mission Logs[]

Luke's mission logs from the past ten years have so far not been found.

Partnered with Marcus Langston[]

Other Appearances[]

  • 2013 Hallowe'en RP
    • October 31, 2013: Luke takes his son trick or treating with other residents of the Nursery.