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Lorson Rho is an agent in the Department of Implausible Crossovers. He is written by Iximaz.


Lorson is tall and broad-shouldered, with lean muscle covering what bits of his body he has left. The parts that he doesn't, he's replaced with high-tech cybernetics: his right arm, left eye, left elbow, both knees, most of his spine, several teeth, and a chip in his brain are all the modifications he has that he can remember off the top of his head. His remaining arm and much of his face are covered with large, intricate black tattoos, with the number 8386071 etched on his forearm.

Lorson keeps his brown hair loose around his shoulders, and usually wears a black tank top, green vest, and brown cargo pants and boots. His organic eye is a vibrant shade of green, to contrast the red of his cybernetic eye.


Lorson is very blunt and abrasive, and doesn't have much in the way of filters when it comes to telling off people he doesn't like. It's not much different with people whose company he does enjoy; he just gets more abrasive with them.

While his partner could give Luxury a run for her money, Lorson seems to get rather nauseated by anything sexual—not that it stops him from relentlessly teasing his partner about his various, ahem, escapades.

Lorson is very pragmatic when it comes to death, whether that be his own or others'. He seems largely unconcerned with what other people think about him, though how much of this is an act is unclear.


July 2018[]

  • Arrives at the PPC.
  • Is partnered with Dax.

May 2019[]

  • Turns 25.

Mission Reports[]

Partnered with Dax[]

RC 1337

  1. "Two Agents, Both Alike in Dignity" (interlude)
  2. "Veni, Vidi, Vale" (Harry Potter x Star Wars)
  3. "Fowl Play" (interlude)