Lori Jane Starrett (don't ever call her by her full name) is a scientist in the Department of Mary Sue Experiments and Research. She and her partner/spouse Bill joined on October 23rd, 2008.

The two of them are written by Lily Winterwood.

Character ProfileEdit


Lori was a college student majoring in biology along with Bill. After graduation, the two parted but kept in touch over the Internet. It was Bill who first introduced Lord of the Rings to her. To his dismay, she became a Legolas fangirl and started writing Suefic. Bill sided with the canon, eventually managing to convince Lori to drop the whole Suefic thing. The two met again and were married a few months later.

Through their online quest for goodfic, the two discovered the PPC. They fell through a plothole and ended up in HQ, where they were subsequently recruited.


She is about six feet tall and skinny. Being farsighted, Lori is forced to wear reading glasses. She has green eyes and curly red hair.


Generally she is nice and amicable, but is known to act like a fangirl at times. She has a very strong maternal instinct, and sometimes Bill has to force her to be merciless to the Mary Sues they do experiments on. Despite that, she also has an ambitious side. Thus, locking her and Laura Roslin up in a room together is a Very Bad Idea.


In a still unpublished Ten Years Hence drabble, Lori is the mother of a son, Liam. They also own a mini-Centurion named Rosilin.


Research PapersEdit

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