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Lori Jane Starrett is a scientist in the Department of Analytical Science, Suvian and Wraith Experiments and Research Division. She and her partner/spouse Bill joined on October 23, 2008.

The two of them are written by Lily Winterwood.

Character Profile[]


Lori met Bill in undergrad, where she was studying veterinary science. She worked as a veterinary nurse for a while before her interests turned towards education. The two of them got married, and then Lori got caught in a semi-fic blip plothole that landed her in the PPC.


She is about six feet tall and skinny. Being farsighted, Lori is forced to wear reading glasses. She has green eyes and curly red hair.


Lori is generally amicable and reliable, forming a close friendship with the agents who found her after her plothole dropped her in HQ and helped her get around. Though she and Bill are very family-oriented, having decamped from HQ to New Caledonia so that their son Liam can be raised in a more normal environment, the two of them have also been working on advancing de-Glitterification technology for the past thirteen years. The two of them are determined to use this technology to lessen the need for assassinations.

Lori has a weak spot for Legolas and has latent Legoluster tendencies.


Lori is the mother of Liam Fallis. She and Bill also own a mini-Centurion named Rosilin.


Research Papers[]